10,000 randomly generated 3D Doge NFTs.

What are DP3Ds?

DogePunks3Ds do not conform to society. They are outcasts each with their own individuality. Each one generates rewards in BNB.

Each avatar is a unique digital collectible randomly generated by an algorithm ensuring a diverse collection of NFTs. Only 10,000 will exist with proof of ownership stored on the Binance Smart Chain.

Mint fee schedule
510 - 4k mints FREE
4k - 6k mints 0.025 BNB
6k - 7k mints 0.035 BNB
7k - 8k mints 0.045 BNB
8k - 9k mints 0.050 BNB
9k - 10k mints 0.055 BNB

Types and Rarity


Legendaries, Epics, Rares, Uncommons and Commons.

Each DP3D is randomly generated using an algorithm.

BatDoge and SonicDoge

These are the rarest DP3Ds. Only 9 BatDoges and 30 SonicDoges will exist. Each one comes with a special neon frame.


Zombies are very rare avatars. Only 94 will exist. Each one comes with a special neon frame.


  • Phase I

    Pre-launch sale.

  • Phase II

    Marketing drive.

  • Phase III

    100% minted
    IPFS integration
    PancakeSwap listing

  • Phase IV

    Partnerships for Metaverse integration