DogePunks3Ds are randomly generated NFTs which will spawn playable avatars in the upcoming DOGEVERSE.

What are DP3Ds?

DogePunks3Ds are digital collectibles that are randomly generated. Only 10,000 will exist and each NFT will allow owners to have their own 3D playable avatars in the DogeVerse.

Minting a DP3D will grant owners commercial usage and rights over their NFTs.

Be a part of the Dogeverse

The Dogeverse
DogePunks3D holders will each get a voxel avatar to explore the Dogeverse social hub. Players will compete for high scores in competitions to earn.
Steer your chances of success
Use equipment to improve your chances of winning different prizes in the daily and weekly competitions. Equipment can also be shown off!
Earn BNB while you hold
Holders of DogePunks3D will earn 5% reflections during the minting period. Holders will also take a 5% cut from marketplace transactions!

Types and Rarity


Legendaries, Epics, Rares, Uncommons and Commons.

Each DP3D is randomly generated using an algorithm.

BatDoge and SonicDoge

These are the rarest DP3Ds in the Dogeverse.

Only 9 Batdoges and 30 SonicDoges will exist and each will increase prize rarity for owners.


Zombies are very rare characters. Only 94 will exist in the Dogeverse and each will increase prize rarity for owners.


  • Major marketing starts after presale
  • 1200 DP3D minted

    Combinator reveal and details

  • 2000 DP3D minted

    Equipment reveal and details

  • 3000 DP3D minted

    Social hub reveal + Beta invites round 1 (Combinator and equipment beta)

  • 4000 DP3D minted

    Combinator opens up to public

  • 5000 DP3D minted

    Equipment opens up to public + 1080 DogeSki reveal

  • 6000 DP3D minted

    DP3D & Equipment Marketplace opens up

  • 7000 DP3D minted

    Dogger reveal + Beta invites round 2 (Social hub + games beta)

  • 8000 DP3D minted

    Doges of War reveal

  • 9000 DP3D minted

    Doge for Speed reveal + Post mint roadmap release

  • All DP3D minted

    Social hub + First game opens up to public