Each DogePunk3D has a unique set of attributes and is created using a proprietary algorithm ensuring a fair and random distribution. Proof of ownership is stored on the Binance Smart Chain.


Marty McDoge

Game design + Programming


3D artist + Programmer

Luke Dogewalker

Marketing manager

Vincent Doge

Web design + Backend specialist


Use the mint button at the top of the website. Approve the transaction in your wallet, and wait for it to complete. We support major wallets like MetamaMask and TrustWallet, and most minor wallets. Using the mint button without enough BNB in your wallet or while being on the wrong network will result in a gas error.

Go to dogepunks3d.com/collection to view your DP3D’s. Once released equipment will also be shown in the collection tab of the website.

10,000 DogePunks3D will be available for minting.

During the minting phase, holders will earn 5% in passive BNB rewards from each minting transaction. The earlier you are, the more BNB rewards you will earn!